Bernadette + Kenneth’s Civil Wedding Highlights

Bernadette and Kenneth’s civil wedding was a true testimony of how they were meant for each other. It was witnessed by their loving family and friends and was held at Heritage Hall in Vancouver, BC which served as a perfect setting to their night of joyous and romantic celebration of their genuine love for each other. Thank you Bernadette and Kenneth for letting us capture your amazing wedding. Congratulations!

“The Proposal”

I met Ajay when Benjon of Pixel Seattle referred me to him. Thanks Benjon! :) Ajay had this very cool idea of a proposal which we shot in various locations in Bellevue and Redmond, Washington. It was a perfect day and we were able to exchange ideas on what to include in the final video. Working with him was a blast! He was very cool and confident in front of the camera. Thanks Ajay for letting me capture this special moment. :)

Check out his proposal video. Enjoy!

Holly and Jose – United Methodist Church

Holly and Jose are truly made for each other. Their wedding is filled with love, sincerity and passion that everyone can sense in the air. The ceremony was held at the beautiful United Methodist Church in Sumner, WA and during the ceremony, you can tell that their vows were heartfelt and from the heart. I was holding back my tears because I had to concentrate filming. Even videographers do cry. :) Their family and friends were very attentive listening to their personal vows as shown in the film.

Holly’s attention to detail is top notch and she made sure that everything will go as planned.  Jose on the other hand was very gracious to ask if our needs as videographers were met. Both are truly awesome to work with and we really enjoyed filming this beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Holly and Jose!

Vanna and Jeremy – The Plateau Club

It all started when Vanna, the bride, asked us to film their wedding and I’m glad we did. How can you say no to a lovely lady like her? She’s so kind and took care of us on their big day. Vanna and Jeremy got married at the beautiful Plateau Club in Sammamish, WA. This wedding is full of love and laughter and was indeed a funny one. Thanks to the best man’s funny speech, we were cracking up that night. Benjon, the brother and best man who’s also a wedding videographer (Pixel Seattle) came prepared and he made sure that we’ll all be laughing during his speech and boy he sure did. :) I have been fortunate enough to have met and worked with him, his wife Michele and his brother Jeremy. Been shooting wedding videos with them for months and it’s been great. Thanks to Benjon, Michele and my lovely wife Ivey for helping out with the shoot. We didn’t actually consider it as work because we just enjoyed the night with the couple and their families. It was an amazing experience! Congratulations Vanna and Jeremy!

Bonny and Jonathan – Seattle Tennis Club

I am very excited to share with you guys this couple’s wedding highlights. The part that struck me most during their wedding was their personal vows, they were heartfelt and moving. It was truly a wonderful wedding.

It’s another video collaboration between Bernie Hipos Wedding Films and Pixel Seattle. Enjoy!

Fey and Andy – Kent Event Center, Kent, WA

It was my first time filming a Laos wedding and let me tell you, it’s beautiful, very colorful and of course the food was great. Fey and Andy were very welcoming and the team really had a blast capturing every detail of their big day.

This was another collaboration with Pixel Seattle who once again did a marvelous job. Enjoy the video below!

Olga and Scott – Rock Creek Gardens, Puyallup, WA

This couple has a very unique love story. I won’t describe the details of their wedding but instead, I’ll let Scott and Olga share their wonderful story through this video.

Surely, you’ll witness how genuine their love is for each other. I am glad to have met this lovely couple.


Ann and Eli – Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle, WA

#Eli loves Ann were among the words written on his note to Ann. It has the touch of today’s social media craze like twitter and facebook. It was a wedding full of laughter and emotions (just see for yourself in the video below). It was our first time shooting at Four Seasons Hotel and we really had a great time, we surely would love to be back.

Here’s another collaboration video from Pixel Seattle and yours truly. They’re the best guys to work with.

Enjoy Ann and Eli’s wedding highlights.

Sandhya and Scott – A Hindu Wedding

It’s been a year and less than two months (to be exact) since I posted something new to this site, particularly a wedding video. Anyway, I’ve been busy with all the planning, googling and researching for our next cross country relocation. We recently moved from Miami, FL to Washington State and it wasn’t that easy doing it because of the logistics, preparations, location and other stuff, but we managed. Thanks to my wife’s hardwork and our family’s support. We are really enjoying and loving it here and my wife’s doing great in Seattle with her new hospital job.

A month after our move, I met the Pixel Seattle Team headed by this lovely couple, Benjon and Michele. They’re so nice and got me on board right away to do some weddings with them and so far things are going really well.

Now, let me take you to the fruit of our labor, it’s Sandhya and Scott’s Hindu wedding. It’s actually my first Indian wedding (hopefully not the last) and second time shooting with the team. It was a two day event and there were a lot of things going on, good thing we were able to capture them all.

So without further ado, here’s their video highlights:

Sandhya: “Scott, I choose you to be my life long partner… Oh crap!”

Those were the words that Sandhya told Scott during their ceremony at Pickering Farm in Issaquah, WA. Everybody was cracking up when they heard Sandhya.:D

It was an intimate occasion and everybody enjoyed their time with the couple. The weather cooperated with us during the two day shoot and everything went well. The Pixel Seattle team did an amazing job in capturing every moment and it was really fun collaborating with them. I’m glad that it turned out to be a success, thanks to the team for their effort and hardwork.

There’s more to come after this so stay tuned. Enjoy the video!

Monique + Stephen – 4/14/2012

I met Monique when Dan and Jessica of ArtEssence Studio recommended my video services to her.

A week ago, Monique and her husband Stephen tied the knot at St. Gregory Catholic Church. It was raining earlier that day but the sky eventually cleared for their beautiful wedding.

Here’s their video highlights. Enjoy!

Photography by: ArtEssence Studio


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